ISO 9001: 2008; ISO 27001: 2005

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    About Us

    InfoVision21 is about people with Quality, Commitment and Integrity. Since 1996, we are working with our customers on various IT initiatives (ranging from software development to document conversion and BPO Services) delivering superior quality services. Our deep commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reinforced with our secure infrastructure and continuing education. InfoVision21 successfully achieved the registration as an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified company across all our current services.

    Our current specializations include ‘Evidence Management’, specifically Litigation Support Services. We serve the data collection, data conversion, processing and hosting requirements dealing with legal aspects and serving various Law Firms, Corporate, and Government Agencies. Combining our proven industry experience, skilled project management, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we provide cost effective solutions for all your document conversion and processing requirements. Our proven Electronic Data Discovery services use industry standard products combined with secure and powerful infrastructure thereby delivering quality output in the required time frame. Our Early Case Assessment and Hosting & Review solutions include industry standard offerings along with custom developed tools and applications. All our services and products used, adhere to the industry standard EDRM model.

    InfoVision21 provides various Systems Integration offerings through our partnerships with DELL, VmWare, Nuix, Everlaw, Catalyst, and Lexis-Nexis. Our services include authorized reselling of software, hardware, training, and implementation services.