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InfoVision21's Litigation Support Services division offers solutions related to all aspects of Litigation Readiness and Evidence Management. InfoVision21′s services help customers reduce risk and provide clear visibility into electronic discovery processing and review.

InfoVision21 can assist Law firms, Corporations or Government Agencies in creating a defensible strategy from Collection of paper based or Electronically Stored Information (ESI) all the way up to Trial.  InfoVision21 can provide experienced services in managing this data as well as assist in processing, analysis and review.  From collection to production, InfoVision21 can be a critical partner in offering the technology and services required in identifying key documents and data elements .  Our cost-effective solutions are designed to reduce the document population considerably for review.  All our services adhere to the industry standard Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).




InfoVision21′s customers are assured of data security and confidentiality, approved chain of custody , and the highest quality of deliverables.

InfoVision21 offers various Document Conversion / Litigation Support Services for our government customers under our approved GSA Schedule 36 contract GS-03F-0057V

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