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InfoVision21′s suite of Early Case Assessment (ECA) solutions let legal teams evaluate cases, prioritize review, and strategized resources accordingly. Our processing tools analyze communications to identify and prioritize conversations by individual and domain. This can lead to significant cost savings in downstream processing and review. Our hosting solutions can then be deployed to quickly evaluate high priority documents and communications.

Through powerful tools and best practices, Legal teams can be deployed initially to quickly identify privileged documents, missing custodians, email conversations and more. Our solution has built-in features to eliminate irrelevant documents, spam, non-business communications, and duplicate documents. These features are designed to reduce hosting and review costs, facilitate alternate dispute resolution, and provide a framework to move forward. Prior to trial, legal teams can use these tools and techniques to reduce costs, save client resources, and determine the direction and strategy of their cases.

For additional information – Please contact Marc Bandman:

InfoVision21 offers various Document Conversion / Litigation Support Services for our government customers under our approved GSA Schedule 36 contract GS-03F-0057V


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