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Hosting & Review

InfoVision21 InfoVision21 provides secure web-hosted solutions for first-pass review, tagging, issue coding, culling and analytics. Our leading solutions facilitate on-line review of images, data, text, and native files via a secured connection using the internet. We offer the best array of hosting solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. These solutions have tight security controls up to the field level, solid redaction features, and native file viewer supporting all industry standard formats.


We also offer other industry leading platforms for review with powerful features and user friendly interface – via our channel partner at extremely competitive rates.


Our partnerships with Ever law, Catalyst, Lexis-Nexis provides powerful resources for the largest and most demanding cases.

Key benefits of these hosting platforms include:

  1. Multiple levels of security

  2. Friendly interfaces and features

  3. Advanced Search features

  4. Unicode Support for foreign languages

  5. Automated workflow for quick review

  6. Case specific customization for higher productivity

  7. Tiff-on-the-Fly and other efficient features

InfoVision21′s hosting solutions are ideal for client based review allowing members of the legal team to tag documents for privilege, relevance and relative value. Documents can be weighted by importance or further categorized by issue or use. Through a secure Web interface, legal teams can participate in the review process from multiple locations, share data among co-counsel and provide a platform for tailored review by experts. Like all of our solutions, our hosting model is designed to help our customers via enhancing their resources, minimize costs, and improve their chances for success.

InfoVision21 offers various Document Conversion / Litigation Support Services for our government customers under our approved GSA Schedule 36 contract GS-03F-0057V


Litigation Support Services Brochure

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